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Food Chain

29 January, 2014 (23:50) | animace, grafika, ilustrace | By: Jan

  Our participation in Global Game Jam 2014.   Game explains that everything bad can be good for something else. Deer dies, but wolf can live. Goal of the game is to maintain a balance between animals for certain amount of time. Player can affect their movement by providing food for deer on choosen places. […]

Art Noveau

1 November, 2013 (01:10) | animace, grafika | By: Jan

  Tv spot for exhibition Conception/animation.   Based on the logo made by Štěpán Malovec.   Supervision: Oficina

The Flood

9 October, 2013 (00:32) | animace, grafika, ilustrace, režie | By: Jan

  Flood is an interactive children’s book for tablets. I have created the concept as my graduate work at the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, studio of Film and TV Graphics. I cooperate with programmer Michael Berlinger from Circus of Atos on its enlargement and completion.


24 February, 2013 (23:55) | animace, grafika | By: Jan

  Participation on creating tv identity. Animation of showreel, genre textures and video postproduction.   Supervision by Oficina   Full credits:

Film Titles

10 December, 2012 (14:26) | animace, grafika | By: Jan


Sustainable design

2 November, 2012 (15:03) | grafika, ilustrace | By: Jan


25 October, 2012 (22:30) | grafika, ilustrace | By: Jan

Book covers

21 September, 2012 (14:38) | grafika, ilustrace | By: Jan

Cover design sketches for publishing house POCKET. Three covers, three genres.